• Krishna Puja
  • All rituals follow Vedic Standards and Procedures.

Krishna is one of the most loved deities in Hinduism and he signifies love, brotherhood and the importance of dharma and karma. As a Hindu god, Krishna is not only popular in the country, but also throughout the world…

Krishna puja has a host of benefits but one thing that all devotees need to remember is whether they bring a “baal gopal” (a statue of baby Krishna) or a grown up Krishna home, they will need to take care of it, often like a member of the family. A baal gopal in particular requires special care and needs to be bathed, fed and played with everyday.

The benefits of doing Krishna puja are many Krishna was a great friend, a great brother and even a great philosopher who taught the world all about your karma (your deeds) and your dharma (your duty). It is said that praying regularly to Krishna gives one peace of mind, solves family disputes, sorts out problems in one’s marriage or love life and solves financial problems.

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