• Vivah Puja
  • All rituals follow Vedic Standards and Procedures.

Hindu marriage/vivah/wedding joins 2 people forever, so they will pursue Dharma (duty), artha (possessions), Kama (physical desires), and moksha (ultimate religious release) along. it’s a union of 2 people as husband and married person, and is recognized by law. In Hinduism, marriage/vivah/wedding is followed by traditional rituals for consummation. In fact, marriage/vivah/wedding isn’t thought-about complete or valid till consummation. It additionally joins 2 families along. Favorable colors are usually red and gold for this occasion.

Eight Types of Marriage
  • 1. Brahma Marriage
  • 2. Daiva Marriage
  • 3. Arsha Marriage
  • 4. Prajapatya Marriage
  • 5. Gandharva Marriage
  • 6. Asura Marriage
  • 7. Rakshasa Marriage
  • 8. Paishacha Marriage

Importance and Significance of Marraige/Vivah Puja

Marriages became a multi-day celebration. There are numerous pre-wedding functions. Pujas performed in each function have some significance. Vivah could be a very sacred union. several Gods and Goddesses are invited through numerous rituals to come and bless the couple. Marriages are set within the cosmos however the union sanskaar is completed through a Vivah Puja. The Agni is the sakshi or the witness to the present Holy Union. the guarantees created throughout a Vivah Puja are hole life commitments that the bride and also the groom build to each other. A Vivah Puja is formed of assorted rituals and every ritual is important.

Benefits of Vivah Puja (Wedding Puja)

  • 1. Blessings of all the Devs and Devis.
  • 2. Blessings of our fore fathers and ancestors.
  • 3. Participation of assorted relations within the Vidhi.
  • 4. Formation of 2 souls as per Vedic beliefs.
  • 5. Unity between the bride and also the groom.
  • 6. Physical, Mental, Social, Legal and religious connections between the bride and also the groom.
  • 7. Awareness of responsibilities towards one another and each other’s families.
  • 8. Awareness of their duties within the social established.
  • 9. An opportunity to procreate with everyone’s blessings.
  • 10. An opportunity to possess janam janam Ka saath(life long partnership) along with your partner.

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